teriyaki don £7.50 V
choice of beef, chicken, salmon or tofu on a bed
of steamed rice with a sweet teriyaki sauce
yakiniku don £7.50 V
sliced beef/chicken or tofu with vegetables in
a japanese-style bbq sauce on rice
beef curry rice £9.25
pan-fried thinly sliced ribeye beef in a delicious japanese
curry sauce served on a bed of steamed rice
katsu curry rice £8.75
a delicious japanese curry sauce served on a bed of steamed rice
with your choice of: chicken, pork, prawn or crispy tofu and pumpkin korokke
katsu don £8.75
chicken katsu with a dashi sauce, egg and onion
served on a bed of steamed rice
shoga yaki don £7.50
sliced beef or pork with stir-fried vegetables in a
soy, sake butter and ginger sauce
hoikorou don £7.50 V/Ve
choice of beef pork/chicken or tofu with vegetables in a
homemade red miso sauce served on a bed of rice
tempura don £8.25
2 x prawn, salmon, squid and vegetables tempura
served on a bed of rice 

special offer – extra gyoza

add 4 pieces of vegetable or chicken gyoza to

any rice or noodle dish

V - vegetarian  Ve - vegan



yaki soba £7.50 V

japanese egg noodles with mixed vegetables and
a choice of pork/chicken/beef/prawn or tofu


rice noodle stir-fry £7.50 V

rice noodle with a choice of pork, chicken or beef,
prawn or tofu. stir-fried with vegetable in a spicy
chilli olive oil


curry udon £7.85 V

udon noodles with our japanese curry sauce and a
choice of pork, chicken, beef or tofu


wakame chicken udon £7.50

delicious chicken soup with udon noodles and


tempura udon £8.75 

delicious udon noodle soup served with
your choice of: fresh prawn tempura (2 pieces) or chicken tempura


spicy seafood rice noodle soup £8.75

a filling noodle soup with prawns, clams, salmon, squid,

tofu and topped with seaweed and coriander


ramen £9.25

please ask our waiting staff for today's ramen selection




bamboo bento £9.75

2x prawn katsu, 2x veggie gyoza,
teriyaki tofu, sushi omelette, 2 x salmon nigiri or your choice
of1x any hoso maki roll, edamame and miso soup


veggie bento £9.45 V

2x korokke pumpkin, 2x veggie gyoza,
teriyaki tofu, sushi omelette and your choice of 1x any
hoso maki roll, edamame and miso soup

V - vegetarian








seafood tempura      £11.50

prawn(x3), salmon(x2), squid and seasonal local fish with vegetables


vegetable tempura    5.95 V/Ve

selection of vegetables, such as sweet potato, aubergine, 
japanese mushroom, carrot and asparagus


soft shell crab tempura    £7.25


prawn tempura                 £6.85

fresh black tiger prawn (x2) with vegetables


shishamo tempura (4 pieces) £4.85

shishamo (capelin fish) lightly fried in black sesame tempura batter


chikuwa cheese tempura (6 pieces) £4.50

chikuwa fishcake filled with cheese lightly fried in tempura batter topped with nori seaweed




nigiri (1 piece)

£2.30   salmon
£2.30   tuna   

£1.50   inari  V/Ve

£2.45   anago (eel)

£2.00   octopus

£1.85   mackerel  

£2.00   prawn 

£1.85   squid

£2.20   tobiko (flying fish roe)

sushi platter       for one: £12.00      for two: £23.75
for one: 4 nigiri (2x salmon, 1x tuna, 1x prawn) +1 of any hoso-maki
for two: 10 nigiri (4x salmon, 2x tuna, 2x prawn, 1x mackerel, 1x squid) +1 of any hoso-maki

hoso-maki (6 pieces, thin rolled sushi)

£5.25   salmon roll
£5.25   tuna & spring onion roll
£5.25   spicy tuna roll
£4.20   avocado roll  V/Ve
£3.90   cucumber roll  V/Ve
£3.90   natou roll (fermented soya beans)  V/Ve

futo-maki (4 pieces, thick rolled sushi)

£5.95   bbq mackerel roll

£5.85   salmon tobiko roll salmon, avocado, tobiko & cucumber

£7.75   soft crab tempura roll, soft crab tempura, lettuce & mayonnaise

£6.45   prawn tempura roll, prawn tempura, lettuce & mayonnaise

£5.85   chicken tempura roll, chicken tempura, lettuce & mayonnaise



mixed sashimi       £18.45
a selection of fresh raw fish, including salmon(x5), tuna(x4),
mackerel (x4), squid, prawn (x2), seabass (x3) & amaebi (x2)

mixed sashimi zuke   £7.25
salmon, tuna & seasonal fish marinated in soy
sauce with wasabi & cucumber

my sashimi choice
£8.25   salmon (7 pieces)
£7.45   mackerel (7 pieces)
£6.95   amaebi (raw prawn)
£8.65   tuna (7 pieces)

£7.85   octopus & squid, fresh squid & octopus served with wasabi pickles, topped with spicy caviar



katsu curry, homemade japanese curry       £6.95

served with your choices of chicken katsu, pork katsu, prawn katsu, korokke pumpkin & tofu  V

add to curry: rice or chips (£2.20), udon noodle (£2.75)

extra curry sauce £2.00


light tapas dishes

£2.20   steamed japanese rice  V/Ve

£1.85   vegetable miso soup  V/Ve
a light and simple soup with seaweed and vegetables

£2.95   edamame  V/Ve
salted soya beans in their pods

£3.50   age mochi  V/Ve
deep-fried squares of mochi rice with a soy sauce dip

£3.80   japanese pickles  V/Ve
classic japanese pickled vegetables

£3.50   ingengoma  V/Ve
green french beans tossed in tahini & sake sauce lightly warmed with sesame seeds

£4.25   takoyaki
japanese famous octopus balls with a hot melted centre,
topped with bonito flakes and an original sauce

£5.95   spicy squid tempura
daily fresh and locally sourced squid, served with japanese chilli and salt

£6.75   yasai itame  V/Ve
9 types of seasonal mixed vegetables, pan fried with salt, pepper and soy sauce



tapas dishes


£5.75   prawn katsu
4 breaded tiger prawns deep-fried and served with a homemade sauce

£5.85   ikageso
crispy…crunchy…garlicky…squid tapas… highly recommended

£5.85   prawn gyoza
5 traditional Japanese dumplings with dipping sauce

£7.45   hotate yaki
fresh scallops, asparagus & mushroom stir fried in a sake based, garlicky soy sauce

£6.95   hotate cheese
scallops deep fried in breadcrumbs with melted mozzarella cheese and served with sauce

£7.25   onigara yaki (3 pieces)
crispy fresh black tiger prawns, topped with sea salt and lemon

£6.85   saba tata age
mackerel with lemongrass & leek straws in an almond & soy vinaigrette



£5.75   chicken or pork gyoza 
5 traditional japanese dumplings with dipping sauce

£8.25   bbq spare rib japanese style 
grilled spare ribs in a japanese bbq sauce, all freshly made in the house

£5.75   chicken and pork katsu
breaded chicken breast or pork steak deep-fried in breadcrumbs with homemade sauce & salad

£7.25   oroshi karaage
chicken tempura with vinaigrette ponzu sauce topped with daikon & ginger

£6.75   bbq chicken, chargrilled chicken with miso, teriyaki or sesame sauce

£7.85   okonomi yaki beef
japanese style savory mixed vegetable and thinly sliced ribeye beef pancake



£4.85   aubergine miso yaki  V/Ve
seared aubergine chunks and crisped-up tofu served in a delicious miso sauce

£6.95   mixed japanese mushrooms  V/Ve
4 kinds of steamed mushrooms in a soy and sake butter and seaweed sauce

£4.85   korokke pumpkin  V
4 pumpkin & vegetable rosti with a homemade sauce

£5.25   daikon & seaweed salad  V
shredded daikon & seaweeds with fried tofu strips.
choice of dressing: wasabi & yuzu, citrus, sesame or plum leaf dressing

£5.65   age dashi tofu  V/Ve
crispy tofu garnished with daikon and ginger in a dashi sauce

£5.45   veggie gyoza  V/Ve
five traditional japanese dumplings with dipping sauce

£5.45   okonomi yaki  V
japanese style mixed vegetable savory pancake





chef’s speciality dishes

fish & seafood dishes

£12.50   ebi chilli
king prawns and sliced squid cooked & tossed in a sweet mild chilli sauce

£12.50   bbq salmon or bbq mackerel
chargrilled salmon/mackerel with a choice of miso, teriyaki or sesame sauce

£12.50   bbq sea bream
a fillet of fresh local sea bream, marinated in full-flavour miso sauce for 48 hours, pan fried and served with a scallop

£8.75   spicy seafood rice noodle soup 
a filling spicy noodle soup with prawns, salmon, squid, chikuwa fishcake, tofu & topped with seaweed and coriander

seafood nabe         for one: £12.50 
salmon, squid, scallops, prawns & seasonal white fish with chinese cabbage, wakame, mushrooms & tofu in a delicious fish stock served in a japanese pot. (add udon noodles +£2.00) 
when you have only the stock remaining the staff will take your dish away, the chef warms it through and adds udon noodles – this is a custom in japan

kimchi nabe         for one: £13.50 
salmon, squid, prawns , chikuwa fishcake & seasonal white fish with chinese cabbage & tofu in a chilli-infused soup served in a japanese pot. (add udon noodles +£2.00) when you have only the stock remaining the staff will take your dish away, the chef warms it through and adds udon noodles – this is a custom in japan


meat dishes

£19.85   teppan sukiyaki for two
traditional japanese dish with thin cuts of fine beef & japanese vegetables in a
rich sweet soy broth

£11.85   chicken namban
japanese-style bite size chicken with griddled aubergine in a sweet and sour sauce

yakiniku       beef £11.85    chicken £11.85    tofu £10.45 V
sliced ribeye beef, tofu or chicken with mixed vegetables in a japanese-style
bbq sauce

£11.85   buta kimchi
stir-fried sliced pork, beef or chicken with mixed vegetables in a chilli infused gravy

£12.85   saikoro steak
strips of sirloin beef steak and vegetables with a choice of garlic butter soy sauce, teriyaki or sesame sauce

£11.85   hoikorou  V
choice of beef, pork, chicken or tofu with a rich red miso sauce


bento boxes

£18.85   murasaki bento box
salmon & tuna sashimi with 2x salmon nigiri, 1x mackerel nigiri, 1x prawn nigiri, edamame & mixed tempura with miso soup

£11.25 . una jyu
a box of crispy unagi eel fillet on a bed of steamed rice with
sweet teriyaki sauce & served with miso soup




warm ozeki sake                                                                         175ml flask      £5.25

a good simple rice wine - 14% abv


kikusui sake                                                                                 200 ml               £6.75

dry, aromatic & fresh unpasteurized nama sake - 19% abv                                             

nama sake                                                                180ml bottle      £7.80

fine, slightly dry, well-balanced, chilled sake – 13.5% abv 

iced plum wine                                                                       glass £6.25                a lovely refreshing plum wine - 10% abv                  750 ml bottle  £31.00

plum rock, shot of 100% japanese plum wine served over ice .   £4.75              



sapporo lager                         bottle 334ml                 £3.85                                    

kirin draught lager                  pint  £5.85  –  half pint  £3.85

asahi draught lager                pint  £5.85  –  half pint  £3.85



chu-hi are iced soda water with fresh fruit juice and shochu, a japanese vodka

(25ml of shochu - 25%abv)

grapefruit chu-hi                                                               £5.00

with freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice & soda water

plum chu-hi                                                                       £5.45

with plum-wine instead of juice & soda water



sake margarita                                                                   £6.95

sake, lime, cointreau, shaken over ice

coffee sake martini                                                            £6.95

a smooth refreshing coffee flavoured, martini style sake cocktail for after dinner!


non-alcoholic drinks

iced green tea                                             £2.00

genmai cha green tea                                 £3.00

still mineral water                                        £2.20

sparkling water                                            £2.20

orange or apple juice                                  £2.25

fentimans  -  curiosity cola                          £3.80   

fentimans – mandarin/orange                     £3.80

fentimans – ginger beer                              £3.80

hampstead – peach oolong ice tea             £3.25

hampstead – raspberry green ice tea         £3.25                   

whole earth - sparkling lemonade               £3.00

whole earth - sparkling elderflower             £3.00       



lanson black label                                                                                    £38.00      fine persistent bubbles with hints of toast and flowers, citrus & ripe fruit


all our wines are organic


sparkling wine

davenport english sparkling                                                                    £29.00      wonderful, richly flavoured champagne like fizz from our neck of the woods – organic


giol prosecco (italy)                                                                                  £18.95

delicate pear like fruits, dry fizz from italy - organic


giol rosé frizzante (italy)                                                                           £17.95

charming pink fizz, a blend of prosecco and merlot - organic                 



rosé wine

mas de longchamp rosé (france)                     glass (175ml) £5.30     £16.90        

sunshine soaked, pale peach, beautifully fragranced rosé - organic



white wine                                                     

touchstone sauvignon blanc (chile)              glass (175ml) £5.30           £16.90

wonderful crisp classic with plenty of gooseberry & lemon - organic


rioja genoli (spain)                                        glass (175ml) £5.30           £16.90

a lovely fresh rioja with citrus, herbs and white flowers on the nose & palate - organic 


red wine

rioja livor (spain)                                           glass (175ml) £5.30           £16.90 

a medium bodied smooth velvety texture, liquid cherry ice-cream with

a warming lingering finish - organic           


stellar cabernet sauvignon (south africa)      glass (175ml) £5.30          £17.00

no added sulphur, lighter cabernet to compliment japanese food - organic



tempura ice-cream                                                                                  £4.85

with a choice of: chocolate or honey topping lovely vanilla ice-cream

flashed in hot tempura batter. you have to try it!


macha ice-cream                                                                                      £4.45

a subtle green tea flavoured ice-cream with a soft sponge biscuit

layered with sweet soyabeans


dorayaki                                                                                                     £3.90

a red bean or custard Japanese pancake


daifuku mochi .                                                                                          £4.20

sweet azuki red bean paste in sticky mochi cake



                                                     service is not included